Children need a hobby that provides exercise, thinking and a great way to make new friends. Bardwell Valley provides a safe and relaxing environment during your children’s lessons. Parents are welcomed to accompany their child in the class OR watch the kids from the club house balcony while having a bite to eat.

Classes are for children 8-11 that goes for an hour. Basics of golf are explained simply, followed by practice sessions. Two rows of children will have a great deal of fun by putting the golf ball to each other while the instructor tutors as they play.

Cost of $10 per child or $15 for 2 children from the same family. A limit of 20 children per class.

Parent are recommended to show up at least half an hour early before the class begins to settle in and permit their children to meet other youngsters. While parents are also able to meet each other as well.

Of course the children are allowed to stay after class and play with their new friends practicing or just running around.

The aim of the course is all about your children having fun and learning about golf. To enjoy the out doors, make new friends and exercise. Golf is a great all round sport. That works all parts of the human body.

BVGC Juniors Team

Trusted by Children in Bexley

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