Bardwell Valley Course Map and Review

Hole 1 – 128m Par 3

A straight and accurate tee shot to the green over Bardwell Creek and avoiding the 2 green side bunkers and bushland surrounding the left and back of the green.

Hole 2 – 332m Par 4

Aim your tee shot to take advantage of the left to right slope of the fairway, but avoiding the trees on the right. As a blind shot to the green, aim for the left of the centre of the hill to reach the green and avoid the bunker to the right.

Hole 3 – 145m Par 3

A large, undulating green protected by a pond, trees, and 3 bunkers. Accuracy off the elevated tee is key to landing it near the flag or against one of the many mounds for a lucky deflection.

Hole 4 – 375m Par 4

Thread your tee shot through the trees towards the right side of the fairway for a run to the centre of the fairway for a second shot and sight of the green. Avoid the trees and rough on both sides, the GUR to the right of the green, and steep slope left of the green.

Hole 5 – 275m Par 4

Resist the urge to drive the green as the tee shot and fairway is narrow with trees to the left and Bardwell Creek and more trees to the right. A second shot landing on the green is possible, but whether it remains on the green will depend on your skill. The slope and narrow nature of the green will test your chipping and putting.

Hole 6 – 140m Par 3

Based on accurate club selection, an uphill tee shot landing on the green is possible for most. Avoid the front bunker and trees to the right.

Hole 7 – 140m Par 3

The only things to avoid here are the trees on the left and going over the hill on the right.

Hole 8 – 281m Par 4

An elevated tee with beautiful views of the course, your tee shot need only reach half way for an easy second shot on the green. Slicers risk venturing into hazards guarding the right side. Wayward shots to the left need only deal with large trees and a fairway bunker. The slope of the green will test your line and speed.

Hole 9 – 117m Par 3

Don’t be fooled by the short length. Landing slightly to the right side of the green may result in a lucky kick onto the green and an easy putt for birdie, if you avoid the creek and bunker to the left.

Hole 10 – 331m Par 4

A straight tee shot will avoid the trees to the right and the hills on the left. The 2ND shot is blind and uphill so take an extra club and aim slightly right of centre to avoid the front bunker. Pin placement on the large and deep green will sort the birdies from the bogie’s.

Hole 11 – 151m Par 3

An elevated green and a regular breeze requires considered club selection. Your tee shot must avoid going into the trees on both sides and the green side bunker to the right. A stepped green adds complexity to your putting.

Hole 12 – 199m Par 3

With the tee box set on the side of a hill trees from the left and down the right come into play. The dome shape and slope of the green make landing and staying on the green challenging, not to mention putting for Par.

Hole 13 – 377m Par 4

The first with our “Risk and Reward” holes. A great tee shot down the middle will see you on the green in 2, if you can avoid the creek on the left and trees on the hill around the 120m mark.

Hole 14 – 150m Par 3

A relatively easy tee shot to a green whose slope is deceptive and deserving of respect.

Hole 15 – 167m Par 3

One of the easier Par 3s on the course with just a front, green side bunker to contend with.

Hole 16 – 363m Par 4

Another “Risk and Reward” hole this is a left to right dogleg with tree-lined fairways leading uphill to a blind green. Big hitters can cut the corner and go over the trees, if they can avoid the out-of-bounds markers hillside. Uphill 2ND or 3RD shots are complicated by left and right green side bunkers and a front-to-back sloping green.

Hole 17 – 286m Par 4

The final “Risk and Reward’ hole. Starting uphill, this left to right dogleg drops down to a green that you don’t want to over-shoot. Big hitters tempted to cut the corner over the trees should be aware of the out-of-bounds pegs once in the trees to the right. Once on the green, subtle and often unsighted breaks will challenge most.

Hole 18 – 162m Par 3

The “Glory” hole leading back to the clubhouse. A relatively easy tee shot to the green, which is protected by a large green side bunker. The slope of this green makes for a challenging putt and end to your round.




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