As a condition of playing on the course, all golfers should repair damage they cause to the course. 

  1. Repair Pitch Marks on the Green

  • Where a Pitch mark leaves an indentation without tearing the green, insert the pitch repair tool at an angle and raise the centre of the pitch mark working around the perimeter. Lightly tap down with the putter.
  • If your Pitch mark tears the green (exposing dirt), insert your pitch repair tool at an angle into the back of the pith mark and move the top of the repair tool inwards as you lift. This will help bring the turf across the full surface of the damaged part of the green. Lightly tap down with the putter. (Do not simply raise the centre of the pitch mark as this exposes soil and results in uneven marks that take the longest time to recover.)
  1. Repair Divots

  • If your Divot has shaved the turf but left the grass roots in the ground, no action is required other than to tap down the edges inward with your foot. The grass grows back better without sand on top.
  • If your Divot takes a chunk of turf and removes the grass roots, fill the divot with sand and with your foot smooth the sand to the level of the fairway (important for preventing damage to mowing equipment). Toss or kick the divot into the rough. Do not put the divot back in the mark as it will die off and delay recovery.
  1. Maintaining Bunkers

  • Always enter and leave a bunker from the lowest point.
  • Start at the divot left by your shot and begin raking backwards and smoothing forwards as you retreat out of the bunker, repairing your foot marks as you go.
  • Be careful to spread the sand evenly to avoid it being pushed towards the edges of the bunker, which causes shallow areas.
  • Rake the edges on an angle to allow the ball to roll towards the centre.
  • When finished, place the rake in from the edge of the bunker pointing in the direction of play.
  1. Flagsticks on the Green

Players should ensure that, when putting down the flagstick no damage is done to the green. Care should also be taken to avoid damage to the hole and surrounds when handling the flagstick and when removing the ball from the hole.

  1. Motorised carts

We request all users of motorised carts follow the directions given by Pro Shop staff and green keepers. In addition, to preserve the condition of our course:

  • Please refrain from driving carts within 5 metres of any green.
  • Do not drive within 2 metres of bunkers.
  • Drive on pathways.
  • Where fairways are visible wet or muddy, please seek an alternative and safe route
  • Avoid driving on the edge of hills or steep embankments.
  • Give way to all green keepers on course.

Users of motorised carts are responsible for any damage caused to carts.

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