Golf is a game that we commonly think is played on a 300-yard fairway. In reality it’s often played across a 6-inch space between your ears. Mastery of golf is essentially mastery of the sport’s mental game. Many golfers have trouble grasping this concept and are unsure of where to start when it comes to becoming more mentally equipped for any given condition or situation.




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Bardwell Valley Golf Club Details

Platinum Members
Platinum players if they play 40 or more competitions per annum they are better off than Gold. 64 or more games per annum they are better off than Silver. 40 games is less than 1 per week, and 64 is a little over 5 games per month. Bronze is only 35 games per annum.

Gold Members
Convert Bronze to Gold. Gold if you play 30 competition games per annum you are better to convert to Gold than Bronze. Further discounts are available to Gold such as years of membership. For example 30 years being a member almost brings the price down to Silver.

Silver Members – Restricted.
Women (any age) and Retirees also known as Veterans (born before June 30, 1956). We are encouraging the female population to take up golf and are matching competition in the market place (that is matching the discounts of other clubs.) Please consider the conditions of Platinum as you could be better off.

Bronze Members
Best suited for a person who wants to play golf without competitions. Best example of this is we have a few mid-week golfers who enjoy their own company. If you believe that you will play a lot of competition games then consider upsizing to Gold or Platinum.

Foundation Members – Restricted.
In the early 1990’s when the club was going through a building phase, BVGC offered members the opportunity of paying for several years in advance, and getting an ongoing discount. The years of membership discount does not apply as it has been compensated.

10 Game Membership
The market place has several scenarios. Mainly Council run golf courses, offer a handicap membership but you still pay green fees. Council A may offer $300 per annum and $35 or more a game. We are doing different. If you pay 10 games @ $38 a game we will throw in a membership. Condition is expires 12 months from date of purchase. Examples of these Courses are Hurstville, Massey Park, Botany etc

$2 Levy
This levy is included in Competition fees. The levy funds special projects such as the air conditioning of the club house in 2020/2021.

Bar Credit Bonus
Pay Silver, Gold, Bronze, Foundation, or Platinum membership in full by June 30, 2021 and have your Bar Credit increased by $50. By definition if you pay by the month you haven’t paid in full and are not eligible for this additional Bar Credit.

Length of Membership Bar Credit
For each 10 years of continuous membership an extra $40 will be added to Bar Credit. This is only available to Platinum and Gold Memberships. Further discounts have already been applied to all other memberships.

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