Bardwell Valley Golf Club Update – Golf and Clubhouse Restrictions Ease.

From October 11, the NSW Government will change some restrictions. For Greater Sydney the terms Vaccinated Fully 2 shots (Vaccinated) and Unvaccinated one or no shots (Unvaccinated) become a decree of separation until December 1 2021.
Club House from Monday October 11, 2021

Our Clubhouse reopens for Vaccinated Members and their guests. We already have golf bookings from 9am with those members intending to make the most out of partial freedom day. The club will be serving from 12.30 pm.

There are restrictions within the Clubhouse. The below restrictions extend to the edge of our Clubhouse and Liquor License boundaries (includes proshop and areas beneath verandahs). Only Vaccinated may enter and stay. Unvaccinated can enter only for takeaway or registering for golf. If you don’t have proof of vaccination or refuse to provide proof of vaccination you must be treated as Unvaccinated.

Once we have established that you are vaccinated, over 18, not intoxicated, a member or visitor. While indoors you must be seated and wear a face mask properly unless you are eating or drinking or trying to communicate with a person who is hard of hearing. If you are outdoors there is no need to wear a mask and you may stand. Our staff is required to wear a mask at all times.

The Club will also have limits on the number of people. 66 is the maximum indoors general area. Another 6 in the Poker machine room. 24 in outdoor dining (under the sail), 12 outdoor smoking, 12 outdoor buffer.

The Public Health Orders imposed these restrictions for your own health. These restrictions are expected to ease by the end of October and again by December 1. More importantly, fines may also apply. The Club will record a $5000 fine if found that ‘didn’t make every effort to follow these orders.

For an individual, it is your responsibility to comply with NSW Public Health Orders. Full details of the restrictions can be found on the NSW Government Website
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